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Businesses are like movies

Businesses are like movies and as you know every movie has a story, a struggle, a past, and a hopeful future. They are borne with a zeal to change, a burning desire to solve a problem, and create an ecosystem that brings coherence among stakeholders. In order to reach its stakeholders, every business chooses a channel to communicate that sends out messages effectively. This channel ensures the message touches the stakeholder’s heart.

Businesses in the past years have evolved their ways of communication. There is a shift from the traditional forms to more complex yet simpler ways. The millennial generation looks forward to faster ways of communicating. Moving visuals seem more appealing than still visuals to them. It makes them stay glued to the story.

However, a lot of professionals chose still visuals over videos owing to the longer time to create them. They also feel that it takes a lot more detailing than still visuals.

Brand managers feel that videos are game changers in effectively influencing buying decision of consumers. They further feel that videos shall bring a paradigm shift in digital marketing. Social media in recent times is filled with short videos that cover content in more engaging and interactive forms.

What differentiates a great brand with a mediocre one is the emotional connection created by the former one with its audience. They create brand messages in a way that connects with the emotional nerves of the consumers thereby, silently pushing their product and sales. Such brands use videos as their largest marketing approach for a better reach, easier brand recognition and effective product placement.

We at Rejoiice Entertainment aim to bring exceptional stories to life through high quality video production. In the past 15 years, we have designed more than 600 films. We have been a part of journey of some magnificent brand creation and have assured a cherishing experience right from brand research to scripting to film deployment. In a nutshell, we make corporate storytelling fun, and creative ensuring higher ROI. Get in touch with us to create your next big story.

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